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Workshop in Laos

Workshop in Thahine village, Attapeu province, Laos.   [Photo: Patrick Bolte]

Recognizing that many humanitarian and development projects share the aim of reinforced resilience of communities – whether they are primarily associated with disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation or development – Banyaneer started off in 2010 with the idea to deliver specialized support to the practitioners behind these projects. Since then, we gathered the tools and the people required to help you make a difference – and have carried out more than a dozen studies along the way. 

Our approach highlights the importance of local culture and conditions: in every community, resilience is always present to some extent and does not need to be built ‘from scratch’. Rather, successful projects need to recognise community strengths and existing coping capacities to sustainably raise resilience. This is why we always aim to deploy consultants with substantial local expertise of specific regions.

What’s in a name?  [ˡbanyəˡni(ə)r]  Our name reflects the way we work: we base our analysis, advice and research on sitting together with community members – at times, under a shade-giving Banyan tree.

Banyan trees are not just culturally significant to many Asian societies, their strength and multiple root support is also a symbol of resilience in itself. To banyaneer is to plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate development based on local villagers’ views and needs.


Our profile

Banyaneer profileWould you like to have a quick overview of our background and services? No problem, just download our profile brochure here, print and share it with your colleagues.