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On-demand support

Sri Lanka rice farmer

Portraits from India, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.   [Photos: P. Bolte]

Let’s face it: few projects run exactly as planned, even if they are planned well and in a participatory manner. So imagine you are overseeing a project that appears to run seriously off track. Of course, you will do your best to improve matters and overcome challenges.  But at times, situations may require to bring in external expertise early – don’t wait for the scheduled mid-term reviews or final evaluations!

Banyaneer offers on-demand support at any stage of the project cycle, either through remote or in-country support. Your team may simply lack the time or capability to analyse the data that you collected: send us the data, we will do the rest (analysis and data visualisation if needed). Or you may need somebody to review and revise your logframe or M&E plan: our team is there to give you the surge capacity and external  perspective. If you encounter serious challenges, we may send in our experts in areas such as livelihood, disaster risk management, climate change adaptation, public health, water and sanitation, gender, human resources, and organisational development.

Keep in mind that early course corrections and practicable solutions can save a lot of time, money, and frustration. Aside from the tangible benefits, such real-time support is usually less costly than, say, full-fledged evaluations. Don’t let the challenges overcome you and the project – instead, let us banyaneer your project – back on track!

Examples of on-demand support
Several times, we have come across project teams that had collected survey data but then found it difficult to analyse the data. If that applies to your team, simply send us your data – our statisticians can quickly make sense of the raw data you collected. It saves your team, and we can deliver this service inexpensively through remote support.

At the other end of the spectrum are more complex solutions, such as the development of a knowledge management system: These systems can be extremely helpful to see whether a project is on track to reach its targets.

Don’t keep multiple reporting formats based on Word and Excel – instead, maintain an integrated system, where all bits of information are automatically in the right place. Interactive dashboards give every user the option to get the answer he or she seeks.

So whether you require minor support or comprehensive solutions, we are ready to help. Make us part of your extended team, and let us banyaneer your work.