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Work files

You can download all work files related to the resilience radar on this page.

The questionnaire is provided as a Word file with and comes in a two-column format. This makes it easy to add a local language version. We would appreciate if you could share the version with us – please send it to With your permission, we will then upload local language versions onto our website – crediting the organisation that provided this version. Offering the questionnaire in Word also makes it easy to adapt the questionnaire – add, delete or change questions in line with your needs. See chapter 3 of the manual for further guidance on adapting the radar.

The data analysis sheet comes as an Excel file – this is where you enter the results of the survey. It consists of four sheets – one of the baseline, one for a midline (optional), and one for the endline. The fourth sheet illustrates the resilience radar. Note that the files are password-protected to prevent accidental damage to the formulae. The password is listed on the top of each sheet.

The visual guide comes as a pdf file – please print it and write local language translations into the empty fields on the left – then pass it to every enumerator.

The health supplementary sheet contains suggestions for changes to questions I.1 to I.4.

We hope you will find the resilience radar easy to use! Please share your experience on our community of practice page here.   



Appendix D | Questionnaire download here

Appendix E | Data analysis sheet download here

Appendix F | Visual guide download here

Appendix G | Health supplementary sheet download here