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Boy in Myanmar

Girl in Myanmar’s Shan State displays her jack fruit seeds, a local snack.  [Photo: Samadhi Marr]

When implementing a project geared to strengthen resilience, we are the partner you can trust. We work for you – we work with you and the communities you support.  As an independent outsider, we bring in fresh perspectives and experience.

In whatever we do, our role is to support you in your efforts. So when we may identify challenges, we always strive to do so with you, and find ways to address them. Knowing that ownership is the most important factor in change processes (and thus key to recommendations being followed through) as well as being experienced in the intricacies of project management, we’re there to learn and to jointly find solutions. In short: we’re here for you.

By harnessing the strength of our network, we can deliver results timely and in high quality: First, we provide back-up support to consultants in the field. Second, we review draft reports internally prior to submission to our clients. Third, our in-house statistician runs quantitative data analysis and collaborates closely with teams on the ground. As a result, our consultants can present preliminary findings to project teams before they leave the country.

Have a look at the services we provide (see overview). Aside from baseline surveys, evaluations, and other research, we now also offer several training courses, support to project design, and on-demand support.

An illustrated overview of our services (click to enlarge) – and how they relate to the sequencing of your projects:

Banyaneer services overview 

One of the best ways to demonstrate our service quality is to hear the voices of our clients – here’s what they had to say:

Marina Hovannesjan
German Red Cross

“Having worked together with Banyaneer a number of times in the context of project evaluations in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, I have come to appreciate the diligence with which their consultants do research and the high quality of their evaluation reports. Recommendations have always been well explained and substantiated, and we have taken Banyaneer’s recommendations up in our programming.” 

Chang Hun Choe
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

“Banyaneer has provided valuable services to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies by undertaking a number of evaluations and studies. The findings and recommendations were instrumental in optimizing our support to vulnerable people and the building of safe and resilient communities. The process of strengthening resilience requires the combined efforts of all stakeholders. I am happy that we can count on the Banyaneer consultants’ professional skills and knowledge in pursuing our noble cause.” 

Ralph Gust-Frenger 

“I received some very positive feedback regarding your study. People who read it were impressed by the clear structure, good presentation and graphic quality of the report, and touched by the most significant change stories. It seems to be one of the outstanding evaluations in our organisation.”

Katrin von der Dellen 
CARE Germany-Luxembourg

“Thank you for your excellent work in relation to our baseline study in the context of our climate vulnerability and capacity analysis. The culturally and technically diverse team successfully trained our field teams in household survey techniques and analysed the surveys with a very good result. The survey provides an important input for our climate adaptation project in Thailand and Indonesia.” 

Louisa Whitlock 
Austrian Red Cross

“Many thanks indeed for all of your work on this excellent report. It is a very detailed document that will be extremely useful, both in this phase of programming and in any follow-up we prepare.”